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- It adopts a high-performance microprocessor and high-speed air pulse circuit that produce a fast and stable liquid dispensing volume
- Smart dispensing control equipment made with extensive experience and technical expertise
- Superior reliability and durability with only a few minor failures
- Small and compact design for easy installation
- Great functions at a reasonable price
- Vacuum function available

Power AC220VAC, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 10 W
Air Pressure Max. 0.99 MPa, Oil-free Dry Air
Air Pressure Range 0.02-0.6 MPa
Shot Time Range 0.01-9.99 sec
Operating Mode Timer / Steady/ Interval (Interval time 0.01~9.99 sec)
Input Signal Foot S/W, Barrel S/W, Non-voltage N.O contact
Input Signal Time More than 0.1 s
Shot End Signal N.O Relay contact
Vacuum 0~450 KPa
Temperature 5~40℃
Dimension 180 x 70 x 154 mm
Weight 2.3 kg
STD Component Foot S/W, Power Cord, Barrel Stand