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- Faster and more stable dispensing volume than the THE-100 series by applying a precision regulator
- Precise and stable pressure setting possible by installing a pressure sensor
- Adjust the dispensing time in a unit of 0.001 seconds
- Adjust the time and pressure with the digital display
- Superior reliability and durability with only a few minor failures
- Small and compact design for easy installation
- Great functions at a reasonable price

This upgraded version, surpassing the THE-100 series, offers improved dispensing with heightened speed and stable volume control. Precision is achieved through a carefully engineered regulator and a dedicated pressure sensor for consistent stability. This model provides unmatched control over dispensing time, with adjustments as precise as 0.001 seconds. The digital display facilitates intuitive adjustments to both dispensing time and pressure settings, ensuring a straightforward and user-friendly process. Despite its robust performance, the unit's compact design allows easy installation in various settings. Combining high-end features at a competitive price, this dispensing system delivers exceptional value without compromising performance.
Power AC220VAC, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 10 W
Air Pressure 1.0 MPa, Oil-free Dry Air
Air Pressure Range 15~600 kPa (Low pressure 15~400 kPa)
Shot Time Range 0.001-9.99 sec
Operating Mode Timer / Steady/ Interval (Interval time 0.01~9.99 sec)
Input Signal Timer / Steady/ Interval (Interval time 0.01~9.99sec)
Input Signal Time More than 0.5 s
Shot End Signal Photo coupler output (Relay output)
Vacuum 0~450 KPa
Temperature 5~40℃
Dimension 212 x 78 x 239 mm
Weight 4.0 kg
STD Component Foot S/W, Power Cord, Barrel Stand