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Taeha Can Pump Series

Applicable Material

High-viscosity material without flowability.
Grease, 1K Epoxy, silicone RTV, oil, cream solder and other high-viscosity material.

As the canned liquid is transferred, no foreign substances or air bubbles are flowing in it. Air doesn’t enter and contact doesn’t occur due to the application of the special follow plate. Also, no remaining liquid is on the inner wall of the container. The application of a new concept of the high-performance piston pump achieves the best performance and improves efficiency by minimizing pulsation. The TWIN-POST RAM structure provides robustness and stability as the motor part and pump part are separated, it is easy to use and maintain. Custom production is possible with the pressure increase in parentheses. (Order separately). It is possible to change the material to suit the user's purpose (Order separately).
Pumping Ratio 20:1 (10:1)
Output Pressure 14 MPa (7 MPa)
Volume/cycle ≒ 20 cc
Viscosity 1000~600000 cps
Air Working Pressure Min 0.2 MPa, Max 0.7 MPa
Air Consumption 43 L/min (ANR), 0.4 MPa, 60 cycle/min
Wetted Part Body: AL | Seal: UHMW-PE, FKM | Rod, Shovel: SUS303F | Follow plate: TPE or NBR
Dimension 500 x 450 x 792 mm
Weight 38.5 kg
Output Port Rc 1/4" [Option : Rc 3/8"]
Air Input Port Ø6.0 mm
Pail Can Size 18 kg
Follower Plate WP (Wiper Plate), DP (Disposal Plate), NP (None Plate)