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- This is a machine for circular coating application that dispenses the fluid materials in a fixed quantity in a circumferential shape by rotating the work required for a circular coating application on a turntable. - Stable circular coating work is possible by automatically controlling the equipment operation/movement/up/down movement/rotation/stop with a single input signal. - The control function of the RDU-200, which combines our unique liquid control technology and expertise, provides the best circular coating application while making various products simple. - There is no condensation after dispensing due to the electronically driven vacuum function. - Possible to finely adjust by adopting a micrometer in the UP/DOWN part. - Compact design for easy installation
Power AC220VAC, 50/60 Hz, 250 VA
Controller Control by microprocessor
Display 20 x 4 Dot Matrix Screen
Driving Method Stepping Motor
Vacuum Electronically Driven Vacuum
Air Cylinder 30 mm stroke (Up-down)
Turn Table Min. 10 RPM ~ Max. 300 RPM
Shot Range Ø150
Dimension 290 x 540 x 325 mm
Weight 15 kg
Angle Options 60˚ | 90˚

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