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Pro Spray Pump

PSP-Series 1K PRO-SPRAY Series. It is an ultra-high precision volumetric spray dispensing system that produces ultra-fine to massive discharges by using combinations of material supplying pressure and spraying air pressure.

It is possible to control and set the spray line width in various ways by systemizing it with dedicated control equipment. Equipped with various types of spray nozzles, it may dispense in the shape desired by customers . The design of the special vortex structure may prevent losses of materials and contamination in the surrounding areas caused by scattering or overspraying. The combination of the sprayed amount and air pressure can be conveniently set, enabling spraying discharge for various purposes.
Dimension 29 x 346 x 18 mm
Weight 610 gr
Angle of Spray 5~30˚
Dispensing Volume 0.3 - 18 mL/min
Viscosity 10 - 50000 cps
Spray Air Pressure 0 ~ 500 kpa
Material Inlet Port BSPT 1/4
Spray Air Hose Ø4
Motor Speed 0 ~ 120 RPM
Dosing Accuracy ±1%
Orifice of Dosing Ø0.5 ~ Ø0.8

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