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Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP) series is a compact and innovative 1-component dispenser that delivers excellent accuracy to the dispensing of difficult materials. PCP is your solution for precise, reliable sealant and adhesive application in industrial settings. Engineered for accuracy, the PCP transforms how you apply materials in critical operations.

Key features:

  • Steady and exact flow: Achieve consistent, precise dispensing that maintains product specification even in low volumes. 
  • Handles tough materials: Designed to work efficiently with abrasive substances, the PCP provides durability in challenging environments.
  • Quick and accurate: With its rapid delivery and precise metering, the PCP is built for both speed and accuracy in dispensing.
  • Specialized for low volumes: The PCP ensures minimal waste and maximum efficiency for applications that require small amounts.
  • Versatile material compatibility: Perfect for a range of materials, the PCP adapts to your diverse industrial needs – including thermal interface materials.


What makes the Pro Duo Pump a gamechanger:

  • Trusted engineering: The PCP is crafted to offer a dependable, high-quality solution to your common industrial challenges.
  • Quality and satisfaction: Our commitment to excellence means our product goes beyond standard requirements to provide top-notch performance.
  • Customized for your needs: Every task is unique, and the PCP is versatile enough to meet various dispensing demands.

Dimension 70 x 70 x 730 mm
Weight 8 kg
Inlet Pressure 0 ~ 87.02 psi
Outlet Pressure 290.08 psi
Viscosity 0 - 1000000 cps
Dosing Volume 50 mL
Motor Speed 1 ~ 150 rpm
Accuracy of Dosing ±1 %
Stator Material FFKM/EPDM/FEPM/TPE
Inlet Port BSPT 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1 1/4, 1 1/2, 2
Outlet Port BSPT 1/2, 3/4, 1
Controller PROCON-100/PROCON-1000
Motor Type AC 220V, 400W