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MPV-01 Metering Plunger Valve

Metering Plunger Valve

- High precision dispensing (accuracy ±1%).
- Applicable to wide range of viscosity (10,000~500,000cps).
- Metering chamber can be dispensed consistently regardless of viscosity or air pressure.
- Vent knob removes air bubbles in the metering chamber and allows fine dispensing.

Applicable Material
- High~ medium viscosity material.

TAEHA's Pneumatic metering valves are widely used in various industries to provide reliable and accurate dispensing solutions. From low-viscosity materials to high-viscosity materials that are difficult to dispense, we have a lineup of valves that can dispense accurately and consistently. Excellent product quality control by owning a dedicated facility that processes and produces valve precision parts. Experience highly reliable metering valves that combine the expertise of Taeha's long-standing dispenser with our unique valve design.

Dimension 25 x 121 mm
Weight 281 gr
Driving Air Pressure >0.5 MPa
Material Feeding Pressure Min. 0.2 MPa, Max. 3.0 MPa
Shot Volume 0.005 cc
Port Size (Air_IN) Ø4 Hose
Port Size (Material_IN) BSPT 1/8
Port Size (Material_OUT) LUER LOCK (male), BSPT 1/8
Driving Part Material Aluminum
Wetted Part Material SUS303